Would You Let Your Teen Meet Her Twitter Friends?

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Do you ever get nervous when you meet your twitter friends -- in person -- for the first time? I do. I wonder if they'll like me, if I'll like them or if, enter creepy music, they're not really who they say they are. So far, no one has kidnapped me! (And I've been doing this long before twitter existed.) But that whole "WHAT IF YOU GET KIDNAPPED!" thought is why a lot of parents don't let their kids interact with others online. Not LBP at Mommalescence. She just recently let her daughter meet her twitter friends for a concert. Would you?

She sets the stage for how it all came to be:

tweet ! tweet !New ammo for my Bad Mom Status: I just left my thirteen year old alone standing on a line with about 30 other girls her age (and younger and older) outside a converted church concert space where she was waiting to have a pre-concert VIP meet/greet with the boys from Hollywood Ending during their Boys of Summer Tour. As we were pulling into the parking lot my daughter says, "Oh, there's Melanie!" as if this was her long lost friend. Yet, this is the first time she will be meeting Melanie as she is just one of my daughters 100+ Twitter followers. I waited in the parking lot a fair while chatting with some other moms who were also at that "I'm watching you but not so close that I'll embarrass you" distance from the line of expectant hair-straightened teens. Within ten minutes my daughter was laughing and chatting with her "long lost" friends she had just met.

I wasn't all that thrilled when my daughter first started tweeting. The concept seemed a bit odd.


Photo Credit: crajeeshelly.

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