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Ah to be a writer...we wax poetic about it, but in truth the secret to being a writer is....drumroll...actually writing! As a writer myself with her first published book, I know how it can feel to want to write, think about writing, learn about writing, and yet drag feet when it comes to actually writing. See firsthand how this blogger handles her write stuff.

I’ve been thinking a lot about writing and talking a lot about writing and reading a lot about writing. I’ve even been studying writing with a great teacher. But sitting down and actually writing? Not so much.

And this not writing all the while learning about how to have a career as a writer has left me feeling disjointed, like I’m busying myself sprucing up the outside of a house that has cracks in its foundation.

I’m making time for the idea of writing, but not for the act itself. And why is that?

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