Xbox Live DOS Attacks

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Last weekend our household experienced wifi internet downtime thanks to some idiot on XboxLive doing DOS attacks on our system.This is the crap that parents seldom hear about when thinking about their children playing video games on Xbox.Here is Microsoft's official word and advice on the topic: Denial of Service Attacks FAQ Xbox.comMy 13 year old was playing a game when a friend of an internet stranger friend started doing this to our family's service. This attack is on the household as a whole, not just on my son's video gaming experience.I don't have time to deal with crap like reading router logs to see who is doing the attack. Microsoft doesn't want to do anything about it, so their advice is mainly to only play with friends you know in real life.My son is sick of crap from strangers and has asked to deactivate his XboxLive account entirely. . . .

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