Changing Tracks to Simplify: Saying Goodbye to Homeschool

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[Editor's Note: Sometimes changes in our parenting plans are gradual, giving us time to get used to them. Sometimes they're whirlwind four day quick things that leave us standing in their wake. Scooper at a la mode was a homeschooling mom... and then she wasn't. She shares what happened -- and how it feels. -Jenna]

On the tracksThursday, December 8th we entered the office for our regularly-scheduled counseling appointment. I spoke honestly about my unraveling and the "symptoms" thereof. The counselor listened and asked questions and shared a few observations. And then he said, I think you need to consider taking homeschooling off your plate for now. You need space in your life.

I spent quite a lot of time telling him why that wouldn't work, why it wouldn't be best for the kids, how I needed time to get them ready, and so on. I cried and fought but as I looked at my teary-eyed husband nodding his head and listened to my counselor's gentle, sincere words, I knew deep down that they were both right.

I just needed someone to give me permission to let a good thing go.

Through a series of quick and miraculous events, my kids started at the public school of our choice just four days after that meeting.

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