Yes, I speak Chinese. No, It's Not Amazing.

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I always find it ironic how everybody in China wants to learn English, but so few people in America consider learning Mandarin Chinese-- even though it is the most commonly spoken language in the world. It's refreshing to hear Tell me why the world is weird explain why she learned Chinese and why people shouldn't be so surprised. --Grace

Because when you say “that’s amazing,” I hear “I believe you, but I’m astounded and baffled- I can’t comprehend how a person like you can speak Chinese.” Because, you know, people who can speak more than one language… wow, they are on another plane of existence- a normal person can’t do that. Americans don’t learn languages. The rest of the world is expected to speak English.

And everyone knows Chinese is like, the hardest language to learn!

Image Credit: Laurent Jégou via Flickr

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