Yes, I'm Still Breastfeeding Triplets

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[Editor's Note: I breastfed my youngest son for much longer than planned, maybe because I didn't necessarily "plan" a magic stopping date. I chose not to discuss it with certain groups of people because of the negative comments I knew I'd get in return. Jenny at What the Blog? recently chose to talk about it, not as a Super Mom or Super Freak, because she's still breastfeeding toddler triplets. Her post speaks to the misconceptions and the truths about it... and gives me warm fuzzies all the same. -Jenna]

Still Breastfeeding:

keep back three times the usual distance?I know people think I’m weird. Or crazy. Or both. Or worse – I know some think I’m gross.

It’s OK. I’m not doing this for validation or attention or recognition for being SuperMom or SuperFreak. I didn’t sign up for a 22-month-plus (-plus-plus-plus?) breastfeeding journey. Hell, I didn’t even sign up for one month.

I’ve said before that I never set a breastfeeding goal beyond, “I’m going to try.”

Successful breastfeeding seemed like an impossible achievement considering my hormonal deficiencies. Breastfeeding triplets sounded humanly impossible. Breastfeeding premature triplets? Whoa. Triplet toddlers? ARE YOU SERIOUS?


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