You Don't Get to Tell Me Why I Do Things

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Dear Jon from Babble who has a lot to say on feminism and selfies:You are wrong.Now, I know that, as someone with a penis, hearing that you are wrong will make you flare up with anger for a split second, before you catch yourself and laugh it off with bravado, telling yourself that someone who thinks you could possibly be wrong obviously doesn't know anything.Oh, wait, I don't know that.I don't know that because I don't know anything about you. And I certainly don't know anything about your penis, or how it would possibly play into your inner monologue. I also know nothing about your inner monologue.Even though I have a husband, and a father, and am also full of rage, much, apparently like yourself.As such, with my admitted lack of knowledge, I would not presume to tell you about how you would react to being wrong, or why you would react that way.Can you do me the same favor?Because, frankly, I am getting fed up with you people telling me what to do.Now we'll skip the lazy argument here (man talking about feminism full stop) because I know several men who talk well about feminism, and go right to a similar, but not quite the same argument (man thinking he is using sound logic to tell women how to be better feminists). . . .

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