Stop Guilting Me: I Really Won't "Miss This"

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Editor's Note: You've heard it in songs. You've gotten a Mother's Day craft with the phrase plastered on it. Well-intentioned older generations have warned you: "You'll miss this phase when it's over." Sometimes I just want to call bull on that thought! Anna at Hidden Ponies did just that. What won't you miss when it's over? -Jenna

The "You're Gonna Miss This" Threat:

But I will NOT miss what you’re telling me I will miss.

  • I will not miss being kicked in the face in the wee hours of the morning as I cling on to last remaining sliver of mattress I am allowed.

  • I will not miss cutting up food for someone else while mine grows cold and my appetite disappears.

  • I will not miss sticky fingerprints on my walls and windows.

Won't Miss This
Credit: stawarz.

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