Zoya Bubbly Collection Teaser

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Zoya sent both of their summer collections, Tickled and Bubbly, for review (well, they sent them for Lucy but as I've mentioned before she lets me try her samples as a thank you for being her US mail drop point). I will have a report on all 12 colors, but today I only have time to tease with a rainbow vertical gradient I did with the entire Bubbly collection over a white base.Starting at the top: index finger has Harper, Jesy, and Alma; middle has Jesy, Alma, and Staasi; ring has Staasi, Muse, and Binx; pinky has Binx, Harper, and Jesy. Each color is layered over the one next to it at the edges, so there's some fun blending of colors going on.I took my inspiration for this look from Mai Sensza Smalto and Sparrow Nails, whose looks I had pinned on my Nail Art Ideas board (which I really need to break up into more boards because it's getting hard to find things). . . .

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