Snow Bunny

 I was at the grocery on Saturday and as I passed by the card section I asked myself if I needed any cards and I said "Nope. I'm good". So forty-eight hours later, I find out I need a card and I'm suddenly rethinking my scorn for those people who keep file boxes of cards so they can pull them as needed - So they aren't running back to the store every two days to go buy more and I thought what geeks they were, what sad slaves to Hallmark they must be. I'm suddenly jealous of those sad, slavish people. I then had to physically stop myself from buying a St. Patrick's Day card for a friend.

It also occurred to me that I needed some butter and sugar and flour because couldn't remember that sort of thing while I was wandering around a grocery store. I also "needed" a package of 60 calorie pudding confection that tasted like pudding mixed with a liberal amount of air, Nummyish in a low cal, oddly staining kind of way, although I can't say I remember touching it at anytime...I of course could not remember the dust or butter or any of the other things I needed, say on Saturday because I need to go to the market or in this case Wally World every damn day.

The world economy would collapse if I didn't spend at least part of each day having my environment polluted with low, low every day prices. But now I have enough cat dust to get through an ice age which, oddly is what they are forecasting for us this coming week. Yay. I didn't move here for all this snow.

 I was promised four distinct seasons, a Chick Fil La on every corner and a beach within driving distance. No mention of multiple instances of snow. I want a refund. Liars. I'm really hoping that the NOAA site was hacked by some school kids who are looking for more time off from school or that the forecast is just some sort of baseless internet rumor. I can only hope.


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