I’ve got out of the bed this morning and wondered. “Did it snow!” I felt like a child wanting a snow day so I could stay at home in the bed and do nothing.  But, I’m a mom.  We don’t do those kinda things, right? “Yes! It snowed. No! Still have to go to work.”

My morning workout was provided by “YouTube” where you can find close to any type of work out video that shakes your cage. I was so cold when I started working out that I placed on the space heater, had on my heavy hoodie and those sock you get from the hospital to walk around it. Ten minutes into the work out, I was taking clothes off quicker that a stripper standing in front of a man with a pocket full of ones. This is one of those many times I am glad my hair is natural and the kids can’t hear me cry or fart. (Yeah! You don’t do that while working out.)

I am reading books that will help me get to where I want to go.  It ain’t easy being alone. Yes I used ‘aint’, to help express the importance of what I am trying to say.

For I have found Thee, looking for me, waiting for he.

Gold nails for work in the morning, will try to add fake lashes, try.  I will wear a smile at all times.  If you think about it, there is no need for a frown especially when you can’t do anything about the situation.

With the new snow, I will wear a pair of boots that were not meant for this type of weather. (Ok. I will put them on when I pull up to the job.)

Love Ya


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