Snow Blizzard Smoothie

Snow and ice outside my window and all over TV news seem to be in accordance with this white smoothie. Snow Blizzard Smoothie is very simple and healthy morning breakfast drink or afternoon snack. It can be a nice change after all those spinach-kale-green smoothies or berry-pink smoothies.
It is a simple blend of fresh apple, banana, protein packed yogurt, and flax seeds full of omega-3. You can make it thicker or thinner, depending on your preferences. If it is too thick, add some more milk or omit banana. If it is too thin, add more banana or/and ice. If you like it sweeter, add some stevia or honey to the blend.
Snow Blizzard Smoothie recipe is made with Greek yogurt and dairy milk. It can also be made with non-dairy like almond, rice, oat milk or soy milk.
I like to use just a little bit of vanilla flavor, but this is optional. If you add a pinch of cinnamon, you will get a taste more similar to apple pie. Read more...


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