Snow Days Just aren't the Same



What do you remember most about snow days?

I remember the joy of waking up to a fresh snow and anxiously watching the television to see if school was out.  If it was a big snow then it was several days of doing nothing but going outside to meet up with neighborhood kids and playing in the snow for hours.  Sleigh riding down the hills and taking breaks in each others houses where we would strip down the top layers of our snow gear and sit by heaters or fireplaces and warm ourselves with hot chocolate.  These are great childhood memories.

Of course I grew up in a slightly more northern area than I currently live so it was different and we had more snow, so maybe the school systems accommodated for it differently, but I had a pit in my stomach this year when my children where dismissed early due to the expected arrival of a snow storm and they came home with more than the usual homework.  Really I get it the pressure of teaching kids is more these days (which is a topic for another day), but please can't we let children be children.

Did the child who came home on early dismissal to await the snow need to bring missed school work from being let out early in addition to homework and assignments for the next day in case they really were out of school?

Call me old school but I do not think elementary age kids need to be tainted into thinking snow days are no more fun than others.  In fact why would they want a snow day if it means mom becomes the teacher to ensure their work is done before they get to build a snowman.

If sending extra work home for snow days was not enough, it seems technology may take snow days away.  Children are no longer able to escape from communication either.  Yes technology helps adults as we can now work from home on snow days and life does not stop even though it would be nice if it did some times.

The next snow was more unexpected it arrived overnight and since we live in an area that is over cautious the children had no school.  YEAH a real snow day because they awoke to a white covered ground and no school or school work.

WRONG email has allowed the teacher to send an assignment for the kids to do before returning to school the next day or whenever the snow allows for school to resume.  REALLY?  Was this necessary?

Are all school systems doing this or is it just our school or where we live?  What has caused the educators to take feel this pressure and take away basic childhood memories?

Might as well move to the sunshine state if snow days are no longer a simple pleasure provided by mother nature that makes everything stop or recreated snow routes so regardless of the weather school is in session.

Is this the lesson we should be teaching our kids?  There is never time to stop and enjoy?  What do you think of assignments on snow days?  How do we find balance for todays generation?


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