Snow Frozen

Water. That's the problem. When there's water around, and the air gets cold in winter, the water freezes. And, woe to those who live near great bodies of water.

For example, here in the Washington Metropolitan Area, we are wedged in between four water laden sources: the Atlantic Ocean, The Chesapeake Bay, the Anacostia River and the Potomac River.

And yet, considering we are in the Mid Atlantic, we shouldn't complain, because people live way farther north where it's way colder right now. Like, take Chicago. It is so cold in Chicago, the Lincoln Park Zoo had to bring it's polar bear inside. Now, that's cold. Makes my teeth chatter just to think about it.

Even with a later clarification that Anna, the polar bear, is without the blubber layer of her naturally located cousins, and is therefore more sensitive to cold than most polar bears, I'm not splitting polar bear hairs on that one. It's still cold in Chicago.

If snow falls on herbs and there's no one
there to see it, does it still accumulate?

And, it's warm in Chicago compared to our even more northern friends in Canada. After talking to one of my Canadian BlogHer friends and looking at her location on a map, I realized how very cold it must be where she lives. All of this while some BlogHers in New Mexicao and Arizona are wearing their winter woolens becasue it's a nippy 70 degrees.

So, everything's relative. What's cold to me, may be warm to you. What's warm to me, may be cold to you. But, what's the one thing that will be the same everywhere, as long as you have frozen water vapor in the air? Something I love very much: crystalized water or snowflakes. No matter where you are located, if you have snow, this video's for you:

The Science of Snow

So what do you think? Did you like it? Isn't it interesting? Especially if you grew up thinking,  as I did, that there are no two snowflakes alike. I know I'm OK that there might be some duplicates out there. Snowflakes are pretty enough to enjoy two times over.

So, that's what's getting me through the cold. Frozen water crystals. Here, there, and everywhere. is authored by a little bird who loves to lure unsuspecting BlogHer bloggers to her web site, daily newspaper,
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