Snowy Morning Pick Me Up

I have a ritual that I have observed
for years now. At the first snow (the first real snow), the one where
you wake up and see everything outside covered in at least a couple of
centimetres of beautiful white, I make myself a hot cocoa. I sit by the
window and drink in the beauty of the season (you know, before the
reality of February and slush kicks in). I can't help but get excited
about the holidays (not difficult since we celebrate more than our fair
share of them). But here, in this moment, before the Christmas Crazy
kicks in, I enjoy the beauty and the peace of the untouched snow. I
enjoy the hush that comes over the city as the snow muffles the usual
early morning sounds. I sip my hot cocoa and in my head, I'm Peanut's
age again and in awe of the beauty of winter.

that spirit, I thought I'd share my hot cocoa recipe with you. The
first time I had hot cocoa was at my grandmother's house. She was so
cute, she used to pronounce it "ca-cow" and it was always a little too
bitter. I began making it myself at home as soon as I was old enough.
I'll admit, I started with "Brown Cow" chocolate syrup. That dates me,
doesn't it? Does it even exist any more? I'd just make chocolate milk
and heat it up. As I got older, I began to use one of those cans of
powdered hot chocolate mix (eventually using the ones with
marshmallows). I won't ever make that mistake again. In my defense, I
didn't know that there was another way.

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