Snubbed by Snobbery?

As I work on a recipe for Mother’s Day I realize God is showing me something in the process. I don’t need to compare myself with anyone else; I am completely unique, with a voice unlike any other! I might occasionally fall onto the broad path where foodies talk about their 15-year-old aged balsamic vinegar, but I soon regain my senses. I’m just happy that I discovered a way to make my own raspberry vinegar, out of “leftovers”.

I won’t be heartbroken if I can’t grow Radicchio. Some Arugula reseeded in my garden years ago, and has continued to proliferate annually. While I can create a dish with “snob appeal”, adding the name “Arugula” to the end of a poetic menu item, the truth is: I’m adding it to tonight’s dinner just because I have some handy.

Was there food snobbery in the Middle East when Tabbouleh was created? (“Come, let us create a trendy new food containing spearmint and cucumber…”) No, I think Tabbouleh was created because spearmint was overtaking a corner of the garden and it tasted refreshing!

But back to that raspberry vinegar: It was a pleasant surprise making this discovery. After cooking up some Raspberry Mousse in Chocolate Cups (a recipe found in my cookbook), I had a leftover mash of raspberry seeds, from straining them out of the concoction. I wondered if brewing them in a jar of white vinegar would yield the desired effect, so I gave it a try. It worked! The resulting “raspberry vinegar” was right on par with others I sampled from the grocery store, only at considerably less cost.

I suppose it’s my own brand of “food snobbery”, to pride myself in making something “on the cheap”. It might even sound snobbish to say, “Oh, I just added some of that stuff growing wild in the garden!” But we all have our own style, and perhaps it’s OK to take some pride in that. God gave us all our own individual gifts; maybe the only thing to avoid is: Wanting someone else’s gifts, instead of appreciating our own!

Jennifer Cote

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