So boiling mad at my cable company

When our TV is on these days, it is either set to PBS or one of the music channels. I used to be able to just scroll backwards from channel 2 PBS directly into the music channels. Recently though my cable company, Charter Communications, changed their layout. Now when I scroll back wards from 2, I have to go through 14 Pay Per View movies available, 9 of which are porno movies. The titles make what they are VERY clear - Hot & Horny Latinas: All Nude, 34DD Lesbian Lick A Thon, Fresh Teen Sex School, Hardcore Asian Perversions 4, When Couples Seduce 8, e-Rotic, Playboy Rocks and Naked & Funny: Russian Spy.

Seriously Charter? I know this stuff is out there. I have no problem with dirty movies. However, when I'm trying to go back wards from Sesame Street and I get to scroll through all those fun titles in front of my toddler to get to the Toddler Tunes music channel, I get a little uncomfortable.

So I called Charter's customer service to make a complaint. I explained my complaint to the woman and she said that I could just memorize what channels I need and type the number in directly to my controller instead of scrolling. I said that wasn't the point and that I want my complaint forwarded to whoever made this change. She said that she would forward it and that she apologized for the inconvenience. Also, while assuring me she'd put my complaint through, the rep told me that while she was forwarding it on, it wouldn't change anything. 

I have no hopes that my call got any further than there. I've been a customer service rep and I KNOW what "I apologize for the inconvenience" and " I understand" means: I don't care, get off my phone, my break is in 1 minute and you need to get off my phone, shut up you crazy lady, your kid can't read and won't know what those channels are anyway. Seriously, I get it. She was probably checking her facebook while listening to me anyway. 

Unfortunately the only other TV companies in our area don't offer high speed internet so we're stuck with this company. 

Why can't Charter just leave their dirty movie selections under the On Demand button? Or up in the high numbered channels past Comedy Central and MTV? Why put them right in between the music and PBS? 

Am I over reacting on this? I don't think I am. I get that this trash is on TV and until today I was fine. But now I am just angry that Charter has such little consideration for their consumers. 

Shame on you Charter! I hope Santa brings you a huge lump of coal for Christmas and that some of these other TV companies get out to our area ASAP. As soon as they do, I'm waving you goodbye and never looking back.


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