So Cold It Stings!

How cold can cold be? We've been spoiled here in Milwaukee the last few years and haven't had any of these bone chilling temperatures like we are having the last few days. With the wind chill factor, our temps are -25 Fahrenheit!

When I step into the garage to let the dogs out, the cold stings any exposed skin. I can't let the puppies outside for very long or they will turn into pupsicles. AND they get stuck. If they venture too far away from the door to get back into the house, they get so cold they just sit down and put their legs in the air off the ground.

Crazy cold

Yesterday when I started laundry, opening the door to put the first load into the dryer, I was greeted with a blast of cold air from inside the drum. The cold creeps, into your home, into your bones.

It's so cold, I'm afraid to take my DSLR outside. There's a 72 degree temperature difference between inside our house and outside. I'm not willing to risk cracking a lens or a mirror. So most of my photos are with the iPhone, from inside the house.
Tomorrow it's supposed to warm up to 19 degrees. I'm going to check flights to Albuquerque.


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