So does that mean I'm a cookie? [Approach to Weight Loss]

On my path to body transformation, I came across this article - "You Are What You Eat" by Kelly McGonigal Ph.D. I found it interesting enough to blog about because it's not suggesting DENYING yourself food, but taking a different approach altogether.


Dr. McGonigal suggests consuming food that reflects who you want to be.

WHA? Well, if she puts it that way, psychologically, there is no justification for Cheetos. Salty? Sassy? There could be justification for cookies, however. They're sweet and friendly. Yes, they're friendly. I never met a cookie I didn't like.


Well Dr. McGonigal, I am going to genuinely try this approach, especially the next time I'm itching to abandon my goals and jump into a vat of tiramisu.


You Are What You Eat | Psychology Today:



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