So Long, UPS Man

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As someone who works from home, does a fair number of reviews and manages a book club, I get a package from UPS several times a week. I always wonder if the UPS dude thinks I have a shopping addiction, because we know each other so well. I laughed at Joy from Joyfully Green's headline: Breaking Up with the UPS Man: My Ode to Nonconsumerism, but I was touched by the end of her post.

So, here's what I want to spend money on this year (and beyond): unfussy dinners with friends and relatives, lessons for the kids (and maybe for myself), and travel with my family. Experiences, not things. Because, not to be morbid, but ultimately, at the end of my days, I want my life to have been filled with experiences, with things I learned, with good times spent with the people I love. Not with stuff. As they say (or at least as Kaufman and Hart said), "You can't take it with you", but the memories will live on, for everybody who had the good fortune to share in their making.

UPS truck

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