So Much Content

I'm wrapping gifts.
I made an ass out of myself last night, which only Danny witnessed. I find it both hilarious yet embarrassing, so if you ask politely I will share the story.
I made my first official sale!
I got a $20 tip which I used to buy Danny and myself dinner @ Denny's.
I think I'm pretty much done all my Christmas shopping.
I got another beading order.
I think my knees are messed up- they hurt SO bad. I think it's probably due to the fact that I have no desk, so I'm crossed-legged all the time on my bed; and when I was doing that beading I was like that for pretty much a solid day. It feels like I'm breaking metal in my joints when I bend my knees past a certain point, then I'm ok. I'm thinking also that the cold isn't helping either, and that maybe if I got a hot pack or something or soaked in a bath it'd be much better. We'll see.
Back to my wrapping of gifts, and then to play Champions Online.

So I'm getting all set up to post this as my first official post on BlogHer and guess what--? They have a tag that reads "Deeply Geeky."

Be still my heart. <3


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