So much for the date

With it being a Tuesday night and no kids I was thinking it would be so nice to have a half night out and a half night in. So Sonny and I loaded up to head to Cleveland for some delicious Golden Wu and then to Walmart so we could pick up some movies and chocolate. We stopped at my friends house so she could burn me some music since I lost ALL of mine from when my laptop was stolen back in November. 

We sat down about 8pm to watch Ted and go figure the Xbox needed to update about 52789212541 billion things at a snails pace. So by 9pm I gave up. Half my chocolate was gone and we still hadn't even finished the updates.

It was sad. 

I'm realizing more and more this week that this is the "last time we can do this without a baby...".

As of Sunday night we will have a little human 24/7. We have the girls but it's different because they don't stay with us all the time. This will be my first baby and his 3rd. I believe Saturday will be the hardest for me though. Usually we get the girls from 2pm Sat. to 2pm Sun. I choose to spend my Saturday mornings with the DVR set to record my cooking shows (The Pioneer Woman, Trisha's Southern Kitchen, and Giada At Home) and I enjoy every ounce that I get to sleep in. This Saturday will be my LAST Saturday as a non-full time-parent. I need to cherish that sleep more than anything! 

Anyways, I know I'll be learning to love my DVR even more so with a newborn in the house. It will be a new experience and I will love every minute of it.

I just know these things.

Tomorrow, Wed., I go in for my last 2 doctor appt's before Drew comes. In the morning I have to be in Tulsa at the Prenatal Center for my Non-stress Test. They should really think of a new name for that because from what I understand will happen, that's kinda stressful! But anyways, then in the afternoon shortly after lunch I will have to head over to Owasso and do my weekly check up. After that, I'll be headed to the hospital on Sunday night to begin my process of becoming a new mommy! (Wow that's crazy.)

Never did I think in my wildest dreams that at 23 I would be where I am now. I use to say that I didn't even want to be married until I was 25. Now, I have a full time job that I love, I'm married, 2 girls and 1 boy, and I own my own home. I'm so more than happy with where I  ended up. My husband is amazing when he wants to be (: and I couldn't of asked for a better life. 

It's so nice to look back and think about where you thought you'd be and where you actually are and be SO THANKFUL your plans changed.

Off to take some allergy meds to ward off this cold and hopefully sleep. 



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