So my ex-fiance got me an iPhone a few weeks ago.

I had planned eventually to get an iPhone but had some concerns with how much I'd really use it.

 I have ADHD so it would make sense for me to have a PDA/phone/task list/grocery list/etc in one item. However, I'd tried PDAs before, a Handspring, a Palm. Used them for a couple weeks and then once the novelty was worn off, they became large paperweights on my desk.

I hated the idea that this lovely gift would fall to the same fate. 

 On the flipside, I'm without my usual Mac. My iBook of 5 years died nearly a year ago and I've yet to afford a replacement. I'm using a desktop PC for all my internet needs but I'm hesitant to connect my iPod, or this new iPhone to it. One of the reasons is that one of the PC's users has vastly different music tastes than I do and all the users have twitchy "delete" fingers when it comes to new programs, music that they are not familiar with, etc. The PC has a small hard drive to all of our chagrin.

 So despite Apple's great commercials about listening to music on your phone, I wasn't expecting to use it for that.

 I don't play many games (too much to do in too little time as it is!). I am thoroughly addicted to the internet though.

So I have this gift iPhone. Instead of the "looking the gift horse in the mouth," the clichee in my mind is "some people have Greatness thrust upon them." That's what little gadget is to me. Greatness.

Immediately fell in love with how it synced my cell phone and gmail contacts (after deleting/editing duplicates and the random address Gmail thought I wanted to hold on to). Love that I can text people entire thoughts, rather than a 1.5 sentence snippet. Love that I can see the weather in my hometown, the town I work in, the city I love and my favorite place ever all in the same application.

I downloaded all my social media applications, the one for my bank, the one for all my financial accounts in one place, a task manager, one to see all the phases of the moon, a few of the simple games I like (Sudoku, mahjong, word games). I got it checking all my email accounts.

But I'm not the early adapter type. And I'm a little frustrated that the Facebook app doesn't allow me to access all my little apps on Facebook. So it takes me awhile to really explore what my options are. I delete the moon phase app that the exfiance recommended and pointed him to one I liked far better. I found a recipe app to use when my bff and I wanted to make chocolate chip cookies one day.

Just yesterday though, I updated my livejournal while walking on the treadmill at the gym. After buying and downloading groove-worthy tunes from the iTunes store, playing them on the iPhone's iPod during my workout.

Last night, I finally decided on one application to track my workouts, though I downloaded a second that demos some other things I could do at the gym. I deleted my original task manager and found one that better suits my random mind. I downloaded a weather app that gives me a more detailed forecast.

 I'm not quite sure how useful the eBay and Amazon apps are but I feel like I'm getting a handle on this iPhone.  It's possible the best gift from the last person I expected to get anything from ever.


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