So Rielle Hunter, Dora, and Barney Walk Into a Photo Shoot

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Recently, I was asked on CNN what lessons politicians like John Edwards could learn from sex scandals. My answer was simple: "Keep your pants on."

Apparently, Rielle Hunter should have been given the same advice during a recent photo shoot with Mark Seliger for GQ. Call me crazy, but if you become famous due to a sex scandal with a presidential candidate ... you might not want to take pantless photos for a bombshell interview, posed with your love-child's toys. Even we mommybloggers know enough about brands to call that a boneheaded move.

Image: Mark Seligman, GQ

As if sexy photos from someone seen as a homewrecker weren't enough, the Dora and Barney stuffed toys leaning against her threw in that extra edge of creepy.

Hunter, the mother of Edward's child, has reportedly told Barbara Walters she now regrets the photos,

"She was in tears when she called," said Walters, "and said that when she saw the pictures in GQ she screamed for two hours. She said she found the photographs repulsive."

So Walters says she asked if that was the case why did she pose for them?" She said she trusted Mark Seliger, whom she said is a brilliant photographer and quote, 'I went with the flow,'" recounted Walters.

If you haven't seen the GQ photo spread and interview of John Edward's baby mama, go take a peek.

I'm not buying that Hunter really regrets these photos. At some point she had to take her pants off, and at some point she had to let Barney fall on her leg a bit and act sexy. Sex and the 405 isn't buying it either,

Oh, my. We're all about the MILF here at Sex and the 405 but posing half-dressed among your kid's toys is just a little too ... ew. That's Barney half on your lap, you know? To make matters worse, according to Barbara Walters, Hunter called her hysterically to let her know how disgusted she was about the GQ photos Mark Seliger took of her for the men's magazine -- like she was somehow not a part of the shoot or had any say in the matter. We'll say to her now what we said to "Johnny" then: you did it, now own it!

Shannon of RightPundits is also skeptical.

Rielle Hunter allowed herself to be interviewed and photographed by GQ magazine; just exactly what John Edwards, the man she supposedly loves, didn't need. Never mind that in the photos which you can see here, she pimped out their two year old child and allowed semi-racy pictures of herself to be taken. And surprise, surprise; she's shocked that GQ would have the audacity to run photos of her wearing nothing but a white button up shirt. Are we really to believe that this woman is that naïve?

Bipartisanship at its finest -- the Right and I agree that the Hunter photos are in poor taste and ill advised! Next time, just follow my advice: Keep your pants on ... and maybe stay away from the children's toys.

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