So sorry that you lost all your photos.... oh and that your ex-partner died

A friend of the family recently experienced a horrible tragedy when her ex-partner and father of her children was ambushed and killed on the way to joining them on vacation (they live in Brazil and unfortunately this is much more common than it is in the US).  His laptop was in the car and it got stolen.  And with it, all their photos.  7 years worth.  ALL OF THEM.


They did not do any backups, offline or online.  His laptop was the de facto download and storage for all their photos.  Our friend has a few photos printed and framed, here and there, but almost all of it was in that laptop.   All those photos and memories, gone.


I think my mind must not be able to come to terms with this kind of pain and loss, so I seem to be focusing on the photos.    I know I'd be devastated -- but maybe it wouldn't even register if I lost my husband too.  We'll be seeing our friend for a day or so when she comes to the US to handle some business matters, and I don't even know if I should offer condolences for losing those photos in addition to condolences about losing him.  Would it be an insensitive thing to say?  Will she be appaled that I'm even thinking about that?  Does losing all your memories deserve some kind of mourning and grieving period?  Especially in the face of such a tragic loss?  


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