This is so stupid, you can't even call it a blog!

Every year around this time, I get an email from my mother with a link to a video that she made for all to enjoy. It usually features her as the lead elf in a series of choreographed dance moves that joyfully bob and weave in perfect sync with the most obnoxious holiday music you've ever laid yourears on (as I would imagine that all elves do). And as asinine as it may sound, these ridiculous homemade Elf videos never really seem to get old... At least, not for us.

So this year, I decided to throw pride to the wind and share what normally shows up as a private message in my Inbox. Why, you ask? Because I can. And because I thought it might be nice to add a little sparkle to an otherwise frowny face as you trudge through you day, hoping for some sort of salvation from a life full of uninvited stress and uncertainty. So kick back, take a load off your brain; and watch, as our elf-like talents will dazzle and amaze even the harshest of critics.

I bring to you... Elf Yourself, by sassypiehole. *Peace fingers*

**NOTE: If video doesn't show up, reload page or click sassypiehole link below.



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