So Tired of Labels

Every time I turn around there's a label smacking me in the face.

Feminist. Conservative. Liberal. Traditionalist. Yadda Yadda....

Positive labels, negative labels... rarely a "neutral" label.

Generally I'm fine with factual labels. I think if someone is labeling themselves, that's ok (as long as it's not a self-label trying to prove their superiority). But labeling others is wrong.

Are you scratching your head at my little rant?

"Well, I'm a feminist, so I think..."

"Well that's ok, because you're gay..."

"I think that the GLBT community says..."

"I'm conservative so I ..."

"Well, yeah, you're a liberal..."

"That's just right (or left) wing bull...."

"Well, they are just hippies..."

"I'm straight, so I..."

"I'm a mom..." (yes... even this sacred label.)

Why can't we ever just argue the points? The facts. Why can't we just question what is happening instead of who it's happening to? Because every time we label someone and use that label as a point in an argument, we boil it down to it's very basic, ugly, elements. You vs me.

And this isn't just a rant, it's an accountability for myself. 

So often I justify something I've said or done based on a label. But the flipside is that I use that label to judge the actions of others. Even when I say I do something "because I'm a mom", it has that undertone of "but you wouldn't, because you're not one".

Is it just me? I'm I just putting something on others that isn't there?



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