So That Was BlogHer'12

So, that was BlogHer'12. I guess that sounds rather mundane, doesn't it? It would read oddly if I made the wow gigantic, bold and in red.

What other choice of words can I use other than, wow? There are a huge string of words that I could choose to use here, yeah I have a couple of complaints but ya' know there isn't much that comes completely complaint free. Minor complaints in comparison to the amazing time I had.

For two days pre-conferece, I bawled - a lot, because my family couldn't go with me, my husband wasn't going to be by my side. That burnt. I was so sure I would spend 5 days in NYC missing my husband and kids with all my heart, to the point that I wouldn't be able to function.

I boarded my flight from St. Louis, headed to LGA in NYC, yup I was still crying. I was a nervous mess.

We landed, rather roughly in NYC, a critical landing as the flight attendants referenced it. The plane began to taxi in and we stopped, the pilot begins to tell us that lightening had struck the ramp and we had to wait before we could taxi on in, we sat on the tarmac for awhile. I was okay with this, that rough landing was enough for me. Truth is, I think I might have peed, just a little. Don't judge.

After a short wait we pulled up to the ramp, got off the plane and a whole new world unfolded before me. I am so very thankful that I had gotten in touch with Kate before the flight to buddy up and share a ride. I also met Faith, the three of us did share a ride and split the cost from the airport to the Hilton NY for BlogHer.

It began.

I called home letting my husband know that I was safe and sound, at the hotel and wouldn't venture off alone.

My co-blogger and I had a Broadway show that night, I'm so country you could shake a stick at me and I probably wouldn't notice. So her idea of going to a broadway show didn't have me impressed much.Truth is, we dressed up all fancy, had an amazing time. It's definitely an experience that I would repeat again. We saw the Broadway show, "End of the Rainbow". Phenomenal. Even my darling back-woods husband would have enjoyed this broadway show.

NetWorking Witches Take Broadway - Sort Of

Let's not tell everyone about this, okay? But as we walked or rode in a taxi around NYC I was scoping out various broadway shows here and there, I would totally do it again.

How do I even sum up my experience at this conference? Being the first large conference I have been to, I simply can't put it all into a reasonable amount of words without writing a complete novel. I was able to witness history as the sitting President of the United States addressed us, bloggers. Who knew we had come so far? The impressions we have made and the recognition we're finally getting.

Kudos to us all!

After that first night, our walk back to the hotel was awesome, we took in a few blocks of the city, sat beside fountains and just enjoyed the experience.

I met bloggers, brand representatives, best of all I made new friends. New friends to share with me, that I can share with them. One in particular that I now speak with on a daily basis. We took pictures, we laughed so much and created memories that won't be long forgotten.

I survived.

I didn't just survive being away from home, but I enjoyed it. It will be hard the next time I go but I have shown myself that I can do it. I survived losing my ankles with the massive amount of walking, sure it took better than a week for me to find my own ankles, the rightful owner never did claim the ones I returned home with but that's ok, I wouldn't want them either. Whoever those belonged to, I'm with you - good riddance.

If you haven't had the opportunity to attend BlogHer, make plans for it. Save time to see the sights, hear the sounds, take a walk, it's not just a blogging conference, it's an adventure in life. I have learned so much about so many things on my trip, I do plan to go next year. I'm intimadated by where the hotel is located verses the conference venue but that's one thing I brought home, I learned that I can do it.

So can you.

If you're contemplating a conference, just break loose and do it. I wasn't sorry and I don't think you will be either.

With all that said among my rambling above, I wish everyone to walk away from any conference with a heart as full as mine is. I was blessed with inspiration and a breath of fresh air that I may not have had otherwise.

Thank you, all of you. From the bottom of my heart for every experience I had meeting so many amazing people.

I invite you to learn more about me, reach out to me, connect with me. I don't want this single experience to end until our next one.

'Till we meet again, perhaps at BlogHer'13 ... 

~ Rose


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