So This Is What 40 Feels Like

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When I was a kid, I thought 40 was as close to death as one could be without actually being, you know, dead.

That was when I looked like this.


But now I'm older and maybe just a teeny bit wiser. (I'm typing this while I listen to my 40TH BIRTHDAY EXTRAVAGANZA totally awesome playlist. I may or may not be singing along. Pretend you like it. Go on, it's a gift for me.)

                         THINGS I HAVE LEARNED IN MY 40 (!!!) YEARS ON THIS EARTH

---  Never blow dry your hair when it's windy and/or rainy outside, for you've just wasted an hour of time

---  Sport -- or exercise -- is the best way for me to get my head clear

---  When your car gas tank registers empty, it may go another 50 miles -- or not at all

---  Don't judge people by their appearance

---  I'd better think before I speak, for I often have to eat those same words

---  Embarrassment is temporary

---  I can find GREAT stuff at the thrift store -- and total junk

---  My first thought is usually the one I should go with -- trust my instincts

---  All of the times I thought I'd die from pain, heartbreak or frustration -- I didn't

---  I'm stronger and more capable than I ever thought

---  Never be afraid to be myself

---  If I don't try, I'll never know

---  I have much less patience than I EVER thought I'd have

---  A lot of troubles in life can be cured with more sleep

---  It's no use crying over spilt milk

---  Never, ever write about people unless you'd tell them to their face

---  The truth hurts, but sometimes you need to hear it

---  Don't take yourself so seriously

---  Dance whenever you hear music and sing along as often as possible

---  But never, ever karaoke, for you don't know who has a video camera -- and the Internet is FOREVER

---  When in doubt, choose the bigger drink

---  And eat the cupcake

---  Have fun. Above all, have fun.



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