So What Does It Mean When You Keep Seeing 11:11?

Okay so about 2 months ago, I started seeing 11:11 on a regular basis. I don't ever remember noticing before seeing 11:11. I'm sure I have, I just never noticed and it didn't seem to be happening on a regular basis. I see it on the clock in my bedroom, on my phone, on my computer, in the car and in the kitchen. It happened again the night before last and made we wonder if there is some meaning to it. I decided to google it to see if it has happening to anyone else and apparently, it happens to millions of other people. Who knew?


There were so many different explanations for it, here are a few:


1. It's a sign from God that you are not alone.

2. It's Angels or Midwayers trying to get your attention about what may be out there that we can't see.

3. It's a wake up call to see that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience, not the other way     around.

4. Your desires are manifesting and your prayers are being answered so pay attention to your thoughts and make sure they align with what you desire, not what you fear.

5. You're on the verge of meeting your Twin Flame ( God, let that be true! )

6. That a window of manifestation has opened for you and your desires are manifesting rapidly.


The one constant in every explanation was that its a good omen. You're on the right track. Keep doing what you're doing.


I was almost jumping for joy after reading all of this stuff and thinking " yay, my prayers are on the way to being answered, woo hoo, I'm gonna meet the man of my dreams ! "  Some of the information encourages you to speak out loud to the angels or midwayers that are trying to get your attention and tell them to go away or tell them you are willing work with them. It said you should ask them to tell you what they want you to know. So, out loud I say " Yes, I'm here, I'm listening, What do you want me to know?


Then a tree fell on my car



Less than 30 seconds later, another tree fell on my house


I shit you not. At this point, I am NOT feeling like the Angels are with me. My mother says I should feel protected because thank God, nobody was hurt. Yes, it could have been much worse but YIKES, seconds after I "talk to the angels" this happens. What the hell does that mean? I am very grateful that none of us were hurt and yes, those things can be fixed or replaced and I am trying to see it as yes, God is with me and we are safe but ... THERE'S A TREE ON MY CAR AND MY HOUSE!


 I  have to say, I'm a bit confused about 11:11 at this point but, It gives me a good feeling whenever I see it so I will choose to believe it's a good thing... tree or not. I really do think you create what you believe and I'm getting a new roof and possibly a new car so even though it was a scary experience that I would not wish to have again, it may turn out for the best! 

AJ Gaultney


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