So What!?!? Resolutions

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Ahhhh... 2013. So far it has been quite lazy. Maybe not a great start to the year but who cares! Can you really blame me? It is freezing outside and snowing and M is grumpy and..... I can't think of any more excuses but... SO WHAT!?!?

 Expecting a resolution post? There have been so many in my blog feed lately. It seems like the cool thing to do this year is to ban resolutions. Ok, that may sound pretty judgey of me but it's true! Everybody I have either talked to or read has decided to not make anymore resolutions because they are lame, never fulfilled, shallow, etc etc etc. You get my point. Really isn't that just a resolution to not make anymore resolutions?

 You know what?!?!? SO WHAT!?!? I have a new resolution! This year I am going to focus on me and mine. My hope is to not pay so much attention to what other people think about me and my life. To just be the best me, the best mom, and the best wife. I want to take care of my little family and grow closer to the Lord as a unit.

 It is true that I have no idea what last year's resolution was, except maybe to get this baby out of me! Nor do I remember the year before's or the year before that's. I am sure I made one. Did I followed through? If so, not knowingly! SO WHAT!?!?

 This year's resolution is very close to my heart and I pray that God gives me the wisdom to make this happen and the strength to get through all 2013 may bring. Because the subject of this resolution is my very heart and soul, I don't see how I could forget what I chose to resolve to do this time. But if I somehow do forget and end up writing this post all over again next year? SO WHAT!?!?

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