So When Are You Going To Have Another One?

So, when are you going to have another one? I get asked that time to time and to be honest I do not want another one. There I said it!

Okay, well, maybe i'll have to think about it.....I thought about it, I'm good with the one I have. If I do have another child it would be for little man, I feel obligated to give him a sibling. I don't want him to be an only child. Now, not saying I am going to run off and get pregnant because I want AJ to have a sibling because as much as I would love to give him one I am perfectly okay with waiting. No rush here, I promise!

When some people ask me that, I laugh because there is not much I can do when I hear that silly question. I do not want another child right now, no, I just had one 19 months ago (and he's a handful). What in the world do I look like having another one so soon? C'mon! (I know some parents that have had there children close together and kudos to them, Also, I know single mothers who have more than one and extra extra kudos to them!) As for me being a single mother of 1, I refuse to bring another child into this world unless I am married. Yes!, I said it! If I don't have a ring, I am not having another kid. And I mean the ring has to come first =) Not trying to have a shotgun wedding. Oh and AJ has to be in school. Look at all the stipulations I have on having another child. Yet, people still ask the question. Can you tell I am not ready for one?

As much as I love my darling, crazy, energetic baby boy AJ. I do not want to repeat the life that I had. Which was sleepless nights, walking around like a zombie, forgetting many things from not getting enough sleep, changing numerous of diapers (we are potty training now), and also trying to figure out what the hell the baby wants (AJ can now talk a little and points to what he wants). No more diaper bags! Okay, well I use it here and there for long trips but for a quick run I can easily throw 2 pampers in my bag, 2 toys, hand him his sippy cup and we are on our way! See how much easier my life has gotten from 19 months ago! And you think I want to go down that road again right now. Also, the stress that comes with one child and trying to figure out how am I going to make things work for the both of us is hard enough. Oh and sex, or should I say the lack there of. Well not in my case, I wasn't having much to begin with so I guess for the mommies that were getting some probably found it hard to squeeze that pleasure in. So no my friend, after the little list I just explained, it just got a little bit easier. And I am loving it!

That's just my theory, I don't want to introduce myself as a single mother of 2, I don't know, it just doesn't sound right to me (notice I said me, I am no way implying what other's do to be bad or anything else at all). Plus I am going to be 30, I'm too old to have another child's father and not be with him. Who in their right mind would want such thing? Imagine having 2 different fathers, good Lord the drama that would unfold. Ugh! That would be a major nuisance.

Also, not trying to be funny but I am happy with the way things are right now. I like it just being AJ & Mommy. It's us against the world (we're superhero's in my head). I'm happy with the way things are going right now and I am in no rush to go onto the next stage. But thanks for asking. =)


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