So you are about to buy a new phone/game system/tablet....

There are those who are always on the cutting edge of technology.  Those who buy an iPhone or Android phone as soon as it comes out.  Or perhaps you are into tablets and e-readers.  What happens when 6 months from now a bigger, better item comes out on the market?  What do you do with that gadget you spent a couple hundred dollars or more on?  Well you might Cragslist it, give it to a kid or attempt to sell it somehow.  

Something that has recently come about is the ability to Trade In or Buy Back products at electronics stores.  Not only do they want you to be a repeat customer, but they want you to feel you are getting value out of the return visit to purchase new items.  

Here are some things to consider when you go shopping for an upgrade or even starting your journey with a new electronic item.

 To read more about Trade In's and Buy Back go to my blog ShiploadofWilco



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