So You Think You Can Dance Recap: The Top 6 Will Soon Be 4

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And at this point, I'm sad to see any of them go, how about you?

But first things first: How was Cat's dress this week? Answer. Um, better. Although admittedly, that's not saying much. It was a one-shouldered, snakeskinny pattern, and when she wasn't doing that weird one-hip-jutting-out-at-an-impossible-angle stance, she looked good.

Good. Now that we've cleared that up, on with the show.

This week, each contestant danced with an all-star, did a solo and danced with another contestant. Ballroom dancer Toni Redpath was a guest judge, and this week's injury watch included Billy wearing a huge knee brace and Lauren missing the closing credits while she was being seen to by "medics."

So, how'd they do? Really, pretty fabulously...this is probably their best season ever, as talent level goes. In fact, these dancers all started out so good that what we're not seeing is the huge strides and impressive growth that some contestants have shown in seasons past.

Let's dig in:

1. Kent and all-star Anya danced a Jean-Marc/France Cha Cha routine

Kent had the same problem in this Cha Cha as he had in past Ballroom routines (I think he danced the Jive). He's got very straight legs and a stiff posture that doesn't work with this more slinky and sexy dance. So, while he was sharp and precise, he didn't have the spirit of the dance at all, IMHO. And he made the faces. The faces I can't stand. So, round one, Kent gets a big old "meh."

Kent's solo was also a bit of a "meh." I wish he would play into his own personality more in these solos. He's always trying to be serious and dramatic in his solos, and I would love to see him do something a little lighter. It just doesn't feel natural.

2. Robert and all-star Kathryn danced a Stacey Tookey Contemporary routine

OK, we've seen this whole someone-leaving-for-the-military routine before. Josh and Katie danced a great Nappy Tabs hip-hop routine to such a story a couple of years ago (that might even have been the first NappyTabs routine on the show). This had a similar angst-ridden emotional heft, although in a different style. And, like that NappyTabs routine, this one got to me emotionally. I got a little teary-eyed, I admit. Robert was great, but Kathryn really is fantastic. She has that abandon they're always telling the contestants to have. The twist ending that it was her leaving for duty was good, although not really that integral. All in all, I loved this one, and think, unlike what I just said about Kent, that Robert comes off best when he's *not* being goofy!

Robert's solo was nice, but let's face it: We've seen it from him before. I like his general approach. It's not quite the leaping, spinning, flailing contemporary mish-mash we usually see from guys like him, but now he's got to innovate on his innovative style.

3. Adechike and all-star Courtney danced a Tyce Jazz routine

This was a fun, jazzy set-up, and I thought Adechike had loads of confidence and charisma. I know not every judge agreed, but I think they've kind of had it in for him for quite a while. It does get a bit tiresome that so many routines on this show are either tragic unhappy boy-girl routines OR sexy butt-focused boy-girl routines, but that's not exactly the dancer's faults!

Adechike's solo was another good one. I really enjoy his solos more than any of them. He has the most variety of movement. He's the most specifically musical, and therefore seems most in the moment. And I like to look at him without a shirt on. What? So sue me!

4. Jose and all-star Comfort danced a Marty Kudelka Hip-hop routine

Well, I don't really know what Mia's problem was. I thought this was kind of adorable. OK, so it wasn't all down and dirty and "swag." It was fun, it was cute and sexy. I loved the counter-intuitive music. I really really enjoyed this, but then again, I guess I wasn't coming to the table with some pre-conceived notion that the dancer should try to dance just like the choreographer, rather than dancing the steps authentically as themselves. (I mean, don't they always tell them to be authentic?) Whatevs. The judges are ready for Jose to leave, that much is clear.

Jose's solo, somewhat like Robert's, was more of the same. About halfway through he started doing some moves we haven't seen from him before, but mostly this was the same old same old. Which was a litle boring.

5. Lauren and all-star Allison danced a Tyce Broadway routine

Lauren's good, but Allison outshined her in this one. She had more spark; she had more extended moves at every point; she had more specificity to her expression, not just a pasted-on cheer team smile. That's the down side of the all-stars sometimes. You watch them way more than you watch the contestants!

Lauren's solo was more of the spinning and leaping she always does. Get this girl a choreographer, stat!

6. Billy and all-star Ade danced a Stacey Tookey Contemporary routine

There was some really good dancing in this piece, but I didn't always enjoy the piece itself. I didn't find myself carried away like the judges were. It often seemed disjointed, and Billy's furrowed brow of concern didn't really translate into authentic emotion I could feel. I wasn't touched the way I was with the military piece earlier in the evening. Was that just me?

Billy's solo was good and certainly showed off his technique, but I always have the same complaint. I don't feel the emotion and passion coming from really deep inside him. It seems as choreographed as the steps. I don't believe the emotion. Perhaps it's because his offstage persona is so lightweight. Kent has the same issue -- I just feel the deep stuff they try to pull off feels forced.

The final three routines:

Jose and Kent danced a Spencer Liff Broadway routine

Yeah, see, whenever Jose has to really dance, it shows how he doesn't really dance. It's that simple. He has really not made great strides in the technique department, because the choreographers have been choreographing all around his skills (or lack thereof). I think he's as charming and likable as everyone else does, but Kent was absolutely perfect in this number, and Jose looked like an amateur. He's all personality, no technique, and often it doesn't matter that much. This time it did.

Lauren and Adechike danced a Jean-Marc/France Foxtrot routine

This didn't seem all that Foxtrotty, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I enjoyed it. I thought it had smolder and sizzle and a minimum of obvious mis-steps. Ballroom judge Toni pointed out it didn't feel like a Ballroom piece because they weren't ballroom dancers. i can see that. I'm not too disappointed by it though :) Still in a night with several great routines, I agree this one didn't stand out.

Billy and Robert danced a Nakul Bollywood routine

This was, as Bollywood usually is, really fun. I thought I saw each of them lose their momentum in bits, but generally it was strong. I agree, however, that Robert kicked ass with this one. He was way more strong, masculine, precise ... and I wasn't worried about him blowing out his knee. It is a tiny bit less enjoyable to watch someone dance when you're afraid they're going to injure themselves for life, that's just a fact.

Bottom line for the Bottom Three:

It seems clear to me that the judges are praying for Adechike and Jose to end up in the Bottom Three, so they can boot them off.

For me, the Bottom Three should be: Jose, Billy and Lauren, with Jose and Lauren going home.

But the Bottom Three probably will be: Jose, Billy and Adechike, with Jose and Adechike going home.

But what did you think?

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