So you want flat hair?

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At the begining of 2008, I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called "Hashimotos Thyroiditis." Most people are not aware of the absolute havoc a non functioning thyroid can wreak on ones body. The first, most obvious sign something was wrong was the unexplained weight gain. The next was the absolute destruction of my hair.

That is such dramatic language to use when speaking of hair, but my hair was probably the only thing about my body that I actually liked. And watching it change (in a bad way) and watching clumps of it fall out was a little traumatic.

My once thick, shiny, absolutely straight hair became brittle, dull, thin, frizzy mess.  See photographic evidence at left.  

Oh yeah.

I had numerous friends suggest that a good flat iron would solve all of my frizz problems and so I invested in one. While it did make a small difference, The Frizz mostly still remained. I began asking friends for advice-- which hair straightening products did they use? Was there a serum or a gel I should try? None of their suggestions worked on my hair.

I went to my nearest Ulta and asked one of the stylist there to recommend

some good products-- she suggested a spray by 44 Iron Guard by Chi. I tried it and I have to say, I may as well have sprayed water on my hair. It did absolutely nothing and so I continued to walk around with a severe case of Semi Frizz. (Which is, mostly straight on top, Hot Frizz Mess underneath.)

A couple of weeks ago, while browsing the shelves at Ulta yet again, I saw a little blue bottle titled "SOYA WANT FLAT HAIR." by sexyhair. The title spoke to me-- because "SO-Yes I do want flat hair! YES I DO!

I bought it.

I tried it.

I was amazed by it. Let me show you why.   Remember my hair, up there, above, the frizzy mess?  Behold.

It was easy to use: I simply took pieces of my hair, sprayed the top and bottom side of my hair with the "SOYA WANT FLAT HAIR" and applied the flat iron. My hair felt very stiff at first and that did concern me. I wanted straight hair, not stiff hair. However, after I was finished with all pieces, I ran my fingers through my hair and it softened up.

And it looked and felt fabulous.

It's possible that there is a better product out there to get the smooth, straight hair I so desperately desire, but for now, "Soya Want Flat Hair" is the one that has worked best for me and so I'm sticking with it.


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