Feeling Too Fat for Family Pictures? Value Family Over Fat!


Your children want pictures with their mom.

Your husband wants pictures with his beautiful wife.

Your mom and dad want pictures of the happy, successful, amazing woman they raised. (Ok, and more pictures of the grandkids while you're at it.)

And if you're thinking that high school friend on Facebook will say to herself ("wow she has gained weight") then... newsflash: You DID. You gained weight. Shed a tear. Read a book. Drink a Sweet Tea. Watch Oprah. Whatever it takes. Accept this reality: YOU GAINED WEIGHT. The truth is you've gained a lot of other things too -- a career, a family, some kids, a house, a love for travel, the ability to coordinate your separates -- and that girl from high school is going to spend a lot more time hating on those things then she ever will on your double chin.

So you're feeling too fat to be photographed? Ok. But you're the only one who notices. The rest of us are too caught up in loving you.


Teresa is an award-winning portrait photographer from Raleigh, NC. She blogs about photography and living a happy (chunky) life at www.myfriendteresablog.com



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