SOC Sunday - Three Levels of Relaxation

Stream of Consiouness Sunday

The writing prompt for today's Stream of Consciousness Sunday from All.Things.Fadra is: Describe, in detail, the way you like to relax.

I have different levels of relaxation.

One is an “it’s the weekend and I just want to chill” kind of relax. These are the days when I don’t worry about what needs to be done. I don’t care about cleaning and laundry, cooking, work. I read. Magazines, books, blogs. I read to my kids. We play games. We might play the Wii. The only thing I really think about is making yummy food. I love these days and they don’t happen often enough.

The next kind of level of relaxation is one that comes after a long day. Well, a long and stressful day. Because what day isn’t long. Come to think of it, what day isn’t stressful. But anyway. On long and stressful days I like to cut out early, generally after my son gets off the bus and I wrap up. Because when you get up as early as I do, cutting out at 4 or 4:30 is cutting out early. I will admit that I am not afraid to start drinking wine this early. Especially on a Friday. So I drink wine and I try to get my kids to play with me. These are the days when I pull something from the freezer for dinner or we end up ordering out. My brain just goes in shut-down mode, and I can’t cope. Then once the kids are in bed I go to bed and watch something from the DVR, usually something from Food Network.

The third level of relaxation comes after complete and total mom breakdown. On these days, and I’m not even kidding you here, the force to be alone is so great I can’t even begin to resist it. These days also include wine. Yes, I noticed the theme too. Then I feed everyone – including my husband, and excluding myself. I put them in bed (the kids, not my husband) and then I go to bed myself. And I eat dinner while I watch TV. In bed. Guess what I eat for dinner? Usually Ramen noodles, which I would otherwise never eat. It's super sick, but it fulfills my soul.

How do you like to relax?

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