SOC Sunday: What is the Prime of Your Life?

Today's Stream of Consciousness prompt from All.Things.Fadra is: "Have you reached the prime of your life? What do you want to be your legacy?"

I really hope I have not reached the prime of my life. Everything in my life still seems like such a struggle! I guess in a way I think being in the prime of your life means there is no struggle. You have enough money and time. You are established in your career. Your kids are growing and becoming independent (although I hope they will always need you!). And you love and are loved.

I think another way to think about this is yes, I am in the prime of my life for this particular chapter that is playing out. And next week I will be in my prime. And the week after. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I wonder, if we all assumed that we were doing our best - which is TOTALLY not only good enough, but perfect, and we assumed we are in the prime of our life *for that time,* maybe we would be happier? Maybe it would keep us reaching for more personal satisfaction throughout out lives, instead of reaching for that one elusive goal. And what I mean by personal satisfaction is the emotional and mental satisfaction we get through our accomplishments and the love we have - not satisfaction gained from "stuff."

I want my legacy to be that I lived my life to the fullest I could. That I was happy in my life and what I had, but strove for more personal satisfaction. That there was always a new and interesting goal on the horizon.

What do you think it means to be in the prime of your life? What is your legacy?

This has been my stream of consciousness post. Go check out Fadra and all the SOC posters!

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