Social Media

I've been contemplating how to explain something social media related. Social media isn't the easiest thing for me to do. Being endlessly connected to any and every one all the time. But then only seeing part of what's going on in their lives, some of it so unimportant that it's nauseating. Even still, there's quite a bit missing. I love being connected to people, don't get me wrong. I don't love the competitive and non-sensical connecting to people that often goes on in social media platforms. This is what bothers me. I tend to take a break from social media without really ever looking back. I tend to ignore it as if it doesn't exist. Then again, I can get just as caught up in it as the next person.

Nothing about this is a new phenomenon. Not. One. Thing. about being involved in someone else's life without boundaries is new. Heck I've been formally trained on ways to help people set boundaries in their own life, so as not to rely and become (or break from being) dependent on another person in unhealthy ways. I've worked hard in my own life to establish and maintain healthy boundaries with other people. Social media threatens the idea of boundaries, let alone boundaries themselves.


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