Social Media Brought Us Together But I'm Now Conscientiously Unplugging From Your Feed


There is something people rarely comment about in our circles and I am tired of being a blogger and lumped into this pot of crazy that no one seems to want to talk about.  

This isn’t about photo rights.  It is about children’s rights.

There are endless posts about using another person's photo online without their EXPRESS PERMISSION.  You cannot just link to the original image and name them.  

You need permission.  

Why do we follow along when a blogger posts photos of their children when that child has had a horrible crime reported against them?

Why do we continue to read the comments when a blogger clearly is losing touch with reality and seeking attention for “sneak attacks” and amnesia when it comes to who the perpetrator is?

I am guilty myself.

But not anymore.

I have been the child of a parent who has unraveled publicly.

I learned some things by my own parents transgressions.   

So I am just saying this...


You are bleeding out all over in a public space where it can never be deleted.

Yes, you CAN use social media wrong.

Let me explain why I think I can be so bold to declare this as I am not a big shot professional blogger.  I already know, so you don't have to tell me, but I read what you write and as a fellow human someone needs to tell you.

I am un-friending and unfollowing and eliminating anyone that post "crazy" into my feed that causes folks to flock to your wackadoodle posts about sneak attacks, amnesia, your underage child being molested by another family member and then sharing THOSE things with the whole wide world, and other such nonsense.

Bad things happen to everyone and sharing is our first step in getting help.


I am not heartless.

I am judging you because there are children around and if there are indeed attacks happening in and around your home and inappropriate behavior happening to your children and you are talking about it.  You are telling the world THAT…

More about this thing we all discuss, in private online conversations with phrases like, “She is nuts” and “Did you see what she posted today?” 

We don’t say it publicly.  

I am telling my own story of having a parent unravel publicly and why ...

Social Media Brought Us Together But I'm Now Conscientiously Unplugging From Your Feed

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