Social Media on a Budget: Penny Pinching Tips that Expand Your Reach

I run a small business, so I am not a stranger to small budgets or unaffordable marketing propositions. However as they say “Necessity is the mother of invention” and so is marketing your small business. If you are finding yourself limited by financial constrictions and have no time to run an extensive marketing campaign, here are few quick suggestions that won’t break your budget and you can apply straight away.

Social Media Tips

  1. Never Stop Selling: Selling your business is a lifestyle not something you have to add to a list. Have your sales pitch always ready to use, you never know whom you will meet in the elevator or sit next to on a plane. Sales are a revolving door, so it’s a numbers game. Small businesses tend to not put enough time into selling. Pitching new clients is the heart of your business. Many of us small entrepreneurs get caught up in getting the job done and forget to replenish lost customers with new ones.
  1. Update Your LinkedIn Profile: This is more important than you think: Even today, many businessmen tend not take advantage of this incredible platform. There is a common belief that it is only used for human resources. LinkedIn is a powerful tool to field new leads and reach out to new prospects. Start by creating a company page for your business and promote it to your followers. Don’t forget to add your recent projects and ask for recommendations from satisfied customers.
  1. Build a Virtual Community: Use your social media channels to network online. Join professional tweet chats via Twitter and look for Facebook Groups and Google+ Communities that can showcase your depth of knowledge. You will be amazed how many people will get used to seeing you and how quickly you will build trust if you take an hour to participate on a relevant industry twitter chat.
  1. Have an Up-To-Date website: The cobbler’s son is the last one to get his shoes fixed. Not to overuse this cliché, but when was the last time you looked at your website and made the necessary updates? Make sure you have the most recent contact information and your social media profiles should be included for easy engagement with potential followers and customers.
  1. Use Your Connections: Your connections accumulated throughout the years of running a business are a valuable asset. Use them for recommendations and referrals. You never know which one of their contacts is looking for a service or a product like yours.
  1. Have an Active Blog: Once a week will get you started. The easiest posts are articles that which relate to your professional experiences. Write what happens in your day, how your solved business problems or what helped you make a critical decision that benefited your business. All this knowledge on paper can only help you look more informed to your customers.
  1. Promote Your Social Media Channels: Use all your social media channels to connect with potential customers. Be selective; don’t use everything you see. Time is limited. Just choose the ones that get you the most engagement and use your valuable time to reach those most responsive.

The reality is, if you don’t put a sign on the door how will anyone know you have a business? You can maximize your coverage by keeping things very simple. It’s all about exposure in the right places to grow your business and take it to the next level.

Janette Leon-Speyer


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