Social Media as Competitive Advantage During Job Search

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Profile of Christa Williams-Collett and how she took initiative, followed her passion, and used social media to give her a competitive advantage during a job search. Yes those blogs you write really can make a difference in your job search.

Well originally my voyage into social media had little to do with getting a job and more to do with doing what I wanted to whether I was hired or not. I have en entrepreneurial spirit so I thought to myself, why ask for permission to make my dreams come true? I started blogging and tweeting and the rest is history. During one of my first interviews in New York, the woman who was interviewing me asked about my experience in fashion, social media and blogging, I told her about my blog and she was blown away, she asked why I hadn’t included it in my resume, I had no real answer. I didn’t get that particular job but I put everything I’d done on my resume from that point on. Its taken me more places than I’d ever expected.

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