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Turning your hobby of blogging into a job can be incredibly appealing, and many people have done just that, taking jobs in the social media sector. Utilizing data from Onward Search, Mashable took a look this week at the common salaries for social media jobs, presenting a range based on 20 cities in the United States. But the infographic was helpful even if you don't currently hold a job and want to see how you measure up against others in your area. It can give you a sense of what jobs exist out there in the social media world; ones you may not have known about until now.

Onward Search looked at six positions within the social media field: social media strategist, social media specialist, brand manager, online community manager, social media marketing manager, and content writer.

It's no surprise that those working in the social media field in New York are earning more than people working the same job in Phoenix, but those living in San Jose and San Francisco pull in similar salaries to New Yorkers. Social media marketing managers earn the highest salary, while copywriters are on the low-end of the spectrum. The infographic also takes a look at the percentage of people who hold each job with content writers taking up 30% of the job field and online community managers only making up 5% of all social media jobs.

Last summer at BlogHer '11 in San Diego, Elisa Camahort Page moderated a panel titled Minding Your Own Business -- Your Blog Can Make You a Social Media Marketer. As she states in the opening,

However, having your own great blog and having your own quantity of followers and fans doesn't always translate into understanding what companies want from branding people or marketing people and understand the language they speak, to understand how they value things, how they measure value. And so the purpose of this panel really was to say you have a talent and you have some skills. Now let's shape it into what will translate to the company that you're going to be sending your CV to or the person you're going to be pitching saying I'd be the great person to work with you on this. Saying you have 2,000 Twitter followers isn't what's going to get you the job, it's saying you know how to leverage that and help them take that and hit their goals is really what's going to help you go from blog to job and that's what this panel is about.

In other words, if this infographic is making the wheels turn in your brain, the panel transcript is a great place to start if you're looking to enter the social media world.

And if you're already in the social media world, do you fall within the ranges suggested by the Mashable infographic? What tips can you pass along to other bloggers who want to land a social media job?

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Melissa writes Stirrup Queens and Lost and Found. Her novel about blogging is Life from Scratch.


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