Is social media killing your sexual life?


Before we had migraines and fatigue to avoid sexual encounters now Facebook & Twitter?

A study conducted by the university of Chicago shows that social networks represent the strongest addictions among 18-25 year olds.
Social networks are greater temptations than sex, alcohol and tobacco. The researchers from Booth Business School have asked 250 people aged 18 to 25 years in the city of Wurzburg, Germany.

Participants with mobile phone were solicited for 7 consecutive days and 14 hours per day. They were researchers report their desire, their degree of intensity and especially if they could resist or not.

These young people are dreaming of sexual activities or sleep … but plunge into social networks first. Because they were unable to fulfil their sexual urges, however they give free rein to their digital elan. Incapable to resist to the call of Facebook and Twitter.

3% of Australian consult Facebook when making love! Oh my!

I hope it’s not true, Australian can be fun in bed and I’ve never experienced someone who were consulting their iPhone while making love but if it’s happen to you, please please contact me to share your story, I promise I will try not to laugh or to judge or both.

There is in addiction logic a need to escape and Facebook and Twitter are tools that everyone can appropriate to escape the daily problems of life.

Smoking and drinking addictions are still there but they are costly with a bad image attached to them unlike the social media and Internet where everything is easy, fluid, there is no bad image addictions. There is an addiction to ‘the click’, to the Internet connection and people who rush in virtual life were not aware of those risks.

In the long run it is the fingers that drives and controls, rather than the initial desire.

One third of Americans preferred to give up sex rather than the smartphone according to a survey.  really?

If you think Internet, and social media eat you alive and your sexual life, please leave a comment. In the other hand if you think that you are spending too much time reading Women Love Tech instead spending time in your bedroom with your boyfriend/girlfriend, please contact me personally (laughs).

Credit: Le Figaro ParisBooth Business School & Sociologe jean-Claude Kaufmann.

Credit pics: ShutterStock

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