Social Media Saturation

Hippo at the zoo getting sprayed with water

I love what's 'shiny and new', then over time, the 'object of my affection' becomes just another 'old hat'. Take Facebook for example. Now that EVERYONE has a Facebook page for their blog, keeping up with all of them becomes a chore. 

And new social sites are popping up all the time! Why am I led to believe that I must have a Twitter account, a Facebook page, a blog, and now Pinterest and it's ugly step-brother Google +. I'm no richer, no more popular, no more successful, why waste so much precious time when time is so precious: time with my kid, my family, my pets, and time with my off-line hobbies. (Sorry home-made winter hats.)

There was a period when all I needed was a street address and a phone that plugged into the wall. Then it was email, then a cell phone, then a Facebook account, and LinkedIn, and a smart phone, and a Twitter handle, a blog, a blog hop, and the dreaded G+ and the adored Pinterest account (don't let me forget Instragram). 

And what happens if you feel like you 'don't fit in to the social media scene and you start having high school flashbacks (and not the good kind)? Do you keep trying to be popular? Do you keep banging your head against the wall only to crack it open?

For what? To put off finishing a book or a novel? To leave planting a garden for another day? And when it begins to feel tiresome, lonely, a waste of time, do you just stop? Then what? What replaces social media? Cable TV? Your DVR? I think you've guessed by now I'm starting to question the usefulness of it all, or the uselessness. We are all stretched so thin! It is impossible to stay afloat! I feel like I am peddling uphill. And in the end, what's it all for? Will it achieve my goal of writing a best-seller and having 100,000+ followers who will, of course, by my fabulous book? What to do? OMG when does it end! Did I mention it sucks the life right out of you?

Do you put a time limit on it? How much time? Phase out some if it? (Good riddance G+.) What would you phase out? What would you keep?

Or do you continue to do what you are passionate about, regardless of whether you make money with your blog, write a best-seller, or increase your followers through the roof. 

As for what keeps ME going, in spite of drowning in a sea of social media binges, is discovering new moms and their writing blogs, maintaining a connection with current ones, offering helpful tips and advice, and writing for my blog because I'm writing for ME. And I'm sharing ME with YOU. OK, a lot of you. 

Now go away (but please come back) and plant a garden, write the next chapter for your book, have a tickle fest with your kids, heck, throw in a little yoga and some tea time. Then write, tweet, pin, post, and share the heck out of it!


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