Social Media Snippets from Day One at BlogHer Food '14

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We kicked off BlogHer Food '14 in a big way on social media today. I followed the hashtag on both Twitter and Instagram, and let me tell you, I got pretty hungry. The food looked delicious. The quote-ables coming out of session inspired me. And the #BlogHerFoodSweepsEntry photos made me so glad that we have fun, interactive sponsors to help make our conferences both fun and informative.

If you couldn't attend or just want to see what the day looked like today, click on through. Many thanks to the Instagram users who allowed me to embed their images!

Welcome to BlogHer Food '14


Breakfast, and a Welcome from the Co-Founders

One thing we pride ourselves in at BlogHer Conferences, and especially at BlogHer Food, has to be the variety of foods available. We heard good things about breakfast this morning.

And we saw them too:


Lightning Sessions

Lightning Sessions are a highlight at conferences, giving attendees a lotof information in a short amount of time. Each of our speakers brought their expertise to a topic that surrounds blogging to expand our understanding just a bit more.

First up was BlogHer Editor-in-Chief, Stacy Morrison, talking about the ins and outs of being a boss. A key takeaway from her presentation:

Next up was BlogHer Co-Founder, Elisa Camahort Page, with many important tips on how to handle the media as you move into that next step of blogging. Janice Person took this away from the segment:

Following Elisa was BlogHer Community Manager, Denise Tanton, talking about the importance of understanding copyright to protect and defend your work. Shannon McCook tweeted this important piece of advice:

Rounding out this important segment was BlogHer Co-Founder, Jory Des Jardins, talking about what brands want from bloggers in 2014. Rashmi Prilani tweeted this takeaway from Jory's presentation:

Overall, the general consensus on these Lightning Session was that they were a valuable addition to the conference as Daniel Kamys pointed out:


Lunch and Keynote: What Superfoods Are, and How They're Going to Change the Health Destiny of America, brought to you by McCormick

First off, let's peep this food, shall we? Because social media exploded with photos of lunch.

The explosion continued as Moderator, Stacy Morrison, Jaden Hair of Steamy Kitchen, Dr. Melanie Palomares of City of Hope, and Dr. Wendy Bazilian of The SuperFoods Rx Diet sat down to talk superfoods. The tweets ranged from general interest to happy sharing of individual superfoods (chocolate was a happy cry) and other important health-based tweets.


Breakout Session #1

Jadah Sellner and Laura-Jane Koers discussed Turning Online into a Product Line with moderator Julie Van Ullen. Two big takeaways from their panel about taking what you've created to the next level included:

Julie Ross Godar of BlogHer taught the importance of adding some creative flair into your food writing. (Liveblog forthcoming.)

While we don't have liveblogs from our demonstrations, as they're more about watching and hands-on, we do have some photos of both Kelly Jaggers making pie crust and Hannah Crum making kombucha.


Breakout Session #2

Coming back after a great break with our sponsors, JL Fields, Carrie Forrest, Jeanette Chen, and Meseidy Rivera talked about the next steps of a food career.

Diana and Eric Johnson talked video storytelling, which we all know is big, big, big in food blogging now, whether you want to work with brands or not.

We had two more demos this breakout, meaning no liveblog to share with you, but one photo and one tweet from these two sponsored demonstrations. One of a demo with Giorgio Rapicavoli, a renowned Miami chef and co-owner of the wildly successful Eating House Restaurant in Coral Gables, FL, sponsored by the California Milk Advisory Board, and the tweet from a demo on mobile photos, sponsored by Microsoft.

Rounding out Breakout #2, Dianne Jacob, Melissa Joulwan, Matthew Lee, and Sally Ekus talked publishing, a subject on many food bloggers minds. We have a video to share with you, courtesy of Penny Sansevieri on Instagram. (Used with permission, of course.)



David Lebovitz is such a big name in the food world. I know Elisa was thrilled to get to interview him on the stage again. He had a wealth of information to share about his experience.


Welcome Reception with Our Sponsors

We're always so grateful to and for our sponsors. After David Lebovitz's keynote, the sponsors hosted a lovely reception in the foyer. Here's a little bit of what went down.

And lots of sponsor interactions, from winning prizes to networking to making new friends. And then more food, because it is a food conference after all.

Right now, you can check out all of our liveblogs. Photos will arrive tomorrow morning. Tomorrow also brings more excitement, more learning, more fun, and yes, more food. We'll be following it all. Hope to see you then!


BlogHer Editor Jenna Hatfield (@FireMom) blogs at Stop, Drop & Blog.