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Stacy Morrison, BlogHer
Laura Pincus Hartman, DePaul University and Haiti’s School of Choice
Teneshia Jackson, Egami Consulting Group

Stacy: I am Stacy Morrison from BlogHer. Before I came to BlogHer I worked at Magazines and social journalism we do advocacy for social and women in developing countries and awareness. I am on the board of Violence for silence, helping victims of violence sharing stories. Laura has a 12 page slide that sets up some of these questions on how to set up start ups for social.

Teneshia: I am Teneshia Jackson, the founder of Egami, consulting group base din NY our core service is to work with corporations and connect them to multicultural audiences and we found out our campaigns have social include campaigns like Bounty, P&G supporting African American girls, we create wings between the profit and non-profit, all feedback will come from working from our corporate clients perspective

Laura: I come from an academic background in Law teaching for over 25 years working in representing the interest of communities and stakeholders I have done work in south East Asia to help them communicate values, later in Tahiti in the 2000's and Cuba now I established an elementary school in Haiti. That's part of the non-profit site I will demonstrate today and will provide some case studies to demonstrate how it is possible. After lunch today I am feeling like I need to unplugged because I've been tweeting all the time, I am feeling like you have to tweet in these session.

So I want to focus on profitable partnerships, how many of you are involved in developing a social venture? how do you fund something like that? how are you going to market so it is though, my sample is the school in Haiti, how are you going to pay w/out tuition, although the market will not pay. The drawing, we asked students and we asked what are you going to change? and she said no more evildoers in the world, people are dealing with- the reason I want to meet with Chase, which organization is better build to help? I can give you an example: Zinga which doesn't do education but they have a lot of ppl who play and if they can get a buck for each player who can give to a cause they care. translated I think philantrophy is unsuccessful and untransferable but if I partner with children's advocate and I invest and hire ppl then I am gonna make money back and that is how I am going to be sustainable, then my pocket is never empty, partner with non profits and then everyone is going to rise up, so for me everyone thinks Laura is gonna save Haiti, well no, you gotta think of each individual and how to make a change, I can impact the lives of the children and the elderly each issue I also, you won't herm me talk about the "poor" but if we say people in poverty we used to use words like colored people now we say people of color, we all have different color so if I say people first people of poverty that condition is going to change, people thing is distasteful to make money from people in poverty, what percent of an iPad goes to red people living in Africa, it has varied for apple it has changed, for Gap I couldn't find the info, what is interesting to me we thing its tasteful, ok but we are making money, what is a problem is that we don't know how much they are making, what Zinga is doing is getting so much value from partnerships, it could give a 100% because you are enjoying playing the game bc you are doing something of value, there are others Direct Relief Intl our mental models flipped bc… seen Mountain Coffee - reduce the way they think about their coffee, they help farmers- Zinga focus on partnerships, I encourage you to find partnerships , I was making sure that direct relief and were the ones who make the program, I went to Japan to make sure the money went to the right people, we then built a school in Haiti, we have a school and Zinga went public and I was invested in the school so they moved on to other things and now we have the school and we have partners we encourage we are the only stable - don't you want economic stability in the world? that is why I want to meet Chase CEO to tell him don't you want economic stability- teachers have about a 6th grade education in Haiti - called the school of choice, education gives us choices and choices gives us dignity, I have two daughter and 183 children in Haiti


1.- What is your mission? Zinga will try to find non-profits, we had to find a person to talk to.

2.- Think about a particular set of societal problems, I will broadcast their name all over the place I am willing to sell out and then figure out what impact they can have it- and the next president of Haiti can say here is "the"

Tacky? I am ok with tacky - these people..

Play to your strengths

3.- Acknowledge the value in similar cases

4.- Try to think as an outsider and insider

5.- The final and most important, companies must be invested they gotta make money off of you, I want to meet with the CFO, you want to meet with CFO who is going to make the decision on how much money

Stacy: I thought it was really useful to get to the heart of the issue there are several different ways to structure.

Teneshia: In my case I am working with the marketing team, they are always looking for the next big idea, we usually start and take em to a process we work with the brand and ask what do you exist, what is your purpose and the flip side when you answer why do you exist as a brand, in the case of secret they would like to have women live freely and I tell them one you identify what's your purpose we say one way … how can we amplify in the world in the case of bounty moms, let's look in your consumer lab and we know moms care about schools we found it "insights" majority of schools are not clean after recess, they will learn better in a clean environment, and we have the idea what if you now existed to clean Americas school, we now are cleaning schools and mobilizing counters in cleaning and got all these moms involves, this is a sweet stop, we are gonna align you- who are the right partners, what community organization is ready, a lot of non profit thing their are ready to work with the corporate world and they are now, who is involved? do they have amazing stake holders we go in and do a lot of research how do they perceived the media once we do the work we start, one of those was Hands off Network we took a look at how many volunteers they had there is an organization national hub pat organization and they informed schools that we were coming to clean - looking for a win win model a win for organization and a win for end user, I wrote a book profit with purpose, I work with profit my heart is in the community, we get into this deal and behind the scene I have to write the financial a deliverable, in the corporate world is impossible to - we want to make sure we create the story, hey we want to go to return investment , so that it makes sense for the bran but if done correctly great things can happen, we were able to that is a case study now that I can show results and increase in sales, meaningful engagement can really drive profit - secret they realized that at the moment a teen girl starts using deodorant is around the age when bullying start and they called the campaign sticks, they can talk about bullying the young girls own this network, so is looking for those moments what you want to do is once you identify your purpose you identify what line of business is doing these work, do research on how are they doing, it wouldn't make sense to me to - domestic violence I can point the same organization to Verizon wireless, you gotta do your work to see which organization is - we only work with brands that that's what really want to do if I was working with a brand and I had this moment, what am I doing? we are only gonna do work with brands that care, we created scholarships as long as we have meaning and purpose, do the hawk so you can align your work with the corporate

Stacy: When we worked in the magazine world, we didn't have any money, I always though of them as State Farm was shopping for an opportunity and their were trying to find a way that women were connected, they are left in more vulnerable situations. A dear friend whose husband was killed in 9-11 turned out into a fantastic story; I felt at peace that - bc women we live longer we end up with less financial.

Laura: You also get a bad rep if you introduce yourself - State Farm wanted to get a bump but choosing a part of - if she did not have insurance she would be better of if she had insurance and so people living in poverty realized insurance - State Farm is doing great.

Stacy: We have three driving trends one authenticity and transparency there is a sense of how much money - sense as people that we deserve to know 0 making it easier, what I did matter, it's transactional that is second layered I think you trying to find where your stories overlap, where connects to the community for me State Farm was a though one but then it wasn't, domestic violence doesn't want to be with domestic violence- Liz Claiborne has a hotline but they do not want to… because he saw himself connect dot the idea that his buyers are female then he started a small division in the company and motivated all other companies to help.

Teneshia: I mentioned we need to raise $ everyday, I ask about metric and I think we want to know we are gonna make a difference this matters and so I feel very - I don't like to stereotype and I encourage you- the metrics are though to demonstrate that the purpose is gonna make a profit, we are smaller, do you get in to though spots, what are some of examples how you can demonstrate what are some metric you use.

Laura: Is about the long term and not short term, I am looking for companies who are not looking for - sometimes it will do more damage in the public eye, Target sponsoring we try to - multicultural initiative to make a commitment to help improve the self stem of African American girls, hopefully if the brand has a good council they are looking - what's the overall perception of the company, it also really shapes the thinking of the consumer another thing in the world of social media that is where we work in the community how can you use your assets for you, some organizations might not have funding but have networks and then we can pull that and say hey we generated this level of communication you gotta be tracking this stuff you wanna make sure 100% students graduated and track it 5-10 years that feels good and say look at this kind of result.

Stacy: Giving them a new language, does anybody have questions?

Audience Member Question: I have a for profit called… my question is on structure, is it better to go to the community or can you operate?

Teneshia: We operate and fund a Haitian school it take bout 4-5 years, I'd say that if I had the opportunity if an organization we fund a foundation and that is where you request should go and I heard that when we send a message we want people to listen and I tent to listen and that's when they are responding I will contact the CFO and if CFO then says we have a foundation and I have the contact with the deepest pockets we should remind open to there is no - you have to figure out how are you gonna make your money, we have a few the way I will bring money is through individuals and foundation.

Laura: I think is all about the sheer value, sheer equity, I am looking 4 partners that have a sheer mission and sheer goal do not limit yourself in the case of doing relations.

Stacy: Divorced lawyer wealthy people in NY so he is a public figure- what he did because he saw what was happening to women in malicious he launched a foundation off to the side where he takes 10% of every case and he awards for women who have been devastated from divorce.

Audience Member Question: I am Zoey the story and there is - if you are small and you don't wanna partner how does that work?

Stacy: latter it up, find a partner - find somebody ok next step is this size, you are building confidence I council women a lot how you know what you are worth, they would call me - how to mentally believe because you don't know how to anchor your cost for something and will work on building up a price, you are 1k a day do you see how I did it? i didn't make up the number you have a specific goal, skills relationships and I think lathering up is helpful, even for free lance writers and why don't you try

Teneshia: Encourage perhaps, would disagree early partnerships not to go exactly at their level but going higher give me your report for this year and how many- you don't want that but you gotta push yourself, would you be able to do this work, reach for it and you can do it.

Stacy: I am not currently reaching I do think that that sense ok that felt good and that is really what the game is about.

Audience Member Question: is more of a comment, starting a for profit business but it really is more of a bus to reach the - challenge will be to find investors to find the social value so any suggestions on how you

Laura: One thing u want to do in your pitch is to make sure they connect with your story, consumers that didn't have credit with basic credit account he did an amazing job I think making sure you tell the human side of the story.


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