Lately I’ve really been thinking about my social life. Yes, I get out a lot with Mason but a lot of the time it’s just talking to a kid, doing kid things. I’ve lost touch with the Tabitha that was always planning get togethers, not shy when around people. My family hasn’t planned a girls day in months. We hardly ever see any of my friends not even for playdates, so I’m not even getting that social interaction. And I miss it all!! I miss my friends and family… I see enough of my husband and Mason, lol just kidding ;)

I need to break out of this bubble I’ve created. Get back into the social world.

And some day I’d love to attend a blogger conference but I’m just so darn shy when it comes to meeting new people, I don’t know how it’d go. I don’t know where to start; do I go to a large one(like BlogHer) where hardly anyone knows each other or a small one(like PNW Blogger) where there are already cliques started and I’ll feel like I stepped back into high school? How did your first blog conference go?

Sorry for the random boohoo post lol!



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