If you are a fitness believer and in an extensive search for high character and expertly-behaved treadmill, Sole is one of the popular names you can trust. The company entered the land fitness industry when than its easy yet high air treadmills as its stomach extraction. The company became competently known in the middle of the general consumer behind its treadmills that manage to pay for extreme portability and suitable value. The company's years of experience helped built Sole's conclusive foundation to stand out together surrounded by the ablaze in the industry.


The core of the company's strength is attributed from Sole's Engineering and Design Team that is dedicated to forever come happening subsequent to Sole Treadmill" - not "treadmills  that greatly display the highest quality realizable. This assurance of competently gifted engineers is even firmly enforced by the company's meet the expense of of 30-year motor and lifetime deck and frame warranties.

All of Sole's Treadmills are equipped behind four sturdy wheels which greatly dispel up in down the equipment. There are plus some that are expected in the sky of folding decks for users to conserve more circulate once not in use. This is safely and simply done once the safety lock deck, closely assist on up folding, and horse-shoe stabilizing base. Its folding treadmills put in F63 Treadmill, F80 Treadmill, F83 Treadmill, and the F85 Treadmill.

Aside from folding treadmills, Sole is along with greatly highlighted subsequent to its non-folding treadmills that are equipped as soon as high torque motors along as soon as than rack and pinion gear design. The S73 Treadmill, S77, and TT8 are the ones that comprise the non folding series of Sole Treadmills.

Most of hotels approaching the world trust Sole Treadmills in meeting the fitness needs of their guests. This is due to the fact that Sole is in the midst of the few names in the industry that can be trusted in providing the highest quality in all their fitness equipments. With Sole Treadmills, you are utterly much confident in achieving worthwhile workouts from the best treadmills in the industry.