The Solo Mama Project


San Francisco, CA
United States

The Solo Mama Project is about the process of trying to get pregnant as a single mom. My first objective is to provide a place for me to process, vent, reach out, and generally express myself. Next, it’s a place for friends and family to follow my journey on a more daily basis. Finally, I’m linking over from Single Mothers by Choice, the national nonprofit that provides resources and discussion boards for women like me who are launching into parenthood on their own. I hope some SMCs follow me on over here once in a while, and post my blog on their blogs too.

Dare I dream that strangers will find this blog appealing? If they do, awesome–and especially great if young women who are contemplating single motherhood find some solace or reassurance or at least a helpful example (or a giggle). And, of course, there is the much more general audience who might be intrigued by this not-so-common path. Most of all, I hope you enjoy reading it!

I’m a 39-year-old professional woman living in San Francisco. I love the gorgeous Bay Area for all of its amazing year-round outdoor activities, love to play music, love to read novels and discuss them with my mom, love social time and family time and traveling and adventure and trying new things. I’m fortunate to have a supportive community built from many phases of my life across the country and world, and I’m really good at keeping in touch. I’m a busy girl.

Now, I recognize that most (all) of this will go out the window once I have a baby, especially as a single parent, but, somehow, knowing that doesn’t stop me. Amazing what people will go through to bring in a little person who will essentially ruin their lives for a period of years / forever.

For me, the only thing that matters is love–creating it, surrounding yourself with it, growing it.